Termination of an employment contract

Can I claim a compensation?

Your employment contract has been terminated? If you want to retain your employment or claim a compensation, you have to act quickly.

When you have been employed for more than six months in a company, that employs at least ten other employees, you can claim protection against unlawful dismissal. When your employment contract has been concluded before December 31, 2003, it is even sufficient, when your employer employs five other employees. When the law against unlawful dismissal is applicable, your employee can only terminate the contract with a reason.


Even in smaller companies, the termination of an employment contract can be void under certain circumstances.


Besides that, employers often make formal mistakes when issuing a notice of termination of the contract. These formal mistakes can also be grounds for claiming a compensation.Besides that you can claim protection against unlawful dismissal, when you are pregnant, handicapped, a member of the works council or data protection officer.


However you can only make claims due to unlawful dismissal, if you file an action against unlawful dismissal at the labor court within three week after receiving the notice of termination of contract. That is even the case, when you have a long period of notice and your contract ends a couple of months in the future. In some cases, claims due to formal reasons have to made within a couple of days after receiving the termination notice. Only then you can make claims against the employer and negotiate with the employer about a compensation.

That is because a claim for compensation does not automatically arise, when an employment ends. In most cases, a compensation can only be achieved in negotiation with the employer and usually the employer will only negotiate, when you have made your claims in time in the right way.


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What you should bring to your appointment

  • The letter of termination of contract
  • Your employment contract
  • Further correspondence concerning the case, if existent (Warnings etc.)

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