Tenancy law

For landlords and tenants

Negotiation and design of rental contracts, disputes concerning rental contracts, termination of contract or actions for possession: We offer legal advice and representation to commercial and residential landlords and tenants, out of court as well as in court proceedings.

We represent landlords and tenants – because knowing the other party’s perspective gives you an advantage.


From negotiation and design of rental contracts over dealing with difficult tenants up to representing you in court proceedings: We support and represent commercial and residential landlords with our longstanding experience and wide knowledge in the field of tenancy law.


  • You want to set up a long-term rental contract. Contact us!
  • You want to terminate a rental contract concerning commercial or residential property. How do you proceed best?
  • You need to file an action for possession at court. What do you need to do?
  • You are planning to modernize your property. What legal regulations do you have to observe?
  • Your tenant demands a reduction of rent because of defects of the property. How can you react?
  • You are confronted by a claim for damages? How can you defend yourself?
  • You are planning to raise the rent. How can you proceed?
  • You are tenant of commercial property and want to avoid a competition clause. What are your options?


From disputes concerning defects over reclaiming your deposit up to defending yourself against claims for possession: Rely on our know-how and experience in all matters concerning tenancy law.


  • Your rental contrac (commercial or residential property) has been terminated. How can you react?
  • Your landlord has filed a claim for possession. How can you defend yourself?
  • The property is defective and you want to make claims for reducing the rent. What do you have to observe?
  • You want to claim damages due to defective property. How do you proceed?
  • You want to make claims from a competition clause. What are your options?

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